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Sie befinden sich hier: Innovative ways forward on the German financial market

Innovative ways forward on the German financial market

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Financial markets are in a state of upheaval. The “old school” mechanisms which have worked in the past decades, have become obsolete in today’s economic reality. The past strategies have to be reconsidered and replaced by new concepts and understandings. The conditions of life on earth have changed dramatically, the political and economic arenas are not the same any longer the enormously technical developments have contributed to this development. The globalization of communication triggered by Internet and smartphone technologies, social networks and artificial intelligence require a rethink. Market transparency is no longer fiction – portals like check24 are enabling consumers to become professional buying experts furthering developments of new fee-based advice services. Shedding a bright light onto the problems of the existing monetary and financial system, the author presents a layout for alternative solutions. A precious read for the times ahead.