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Sie befinden sich hier: Money – History, Believes, Facts and Solutions

Money - History, Believes, Facts and Solutions

With forewords by:
Andreas Popp, Helmut Creutz and Prof. Dr. Hans J. Bocker

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Everyone believes to know what money is. Almost everyone thinks they know how the money system works. And some are even sure they know how the financial and economic system is structured, who controls it and how is value can be influenced.

But is it really so? Then why are there so many economic crises? Why is the gap between rich and poor widening? Why are there a few families that control 80% of the world’s available capital and so many people living on or below the poverty line? And why must more and more be produced just to pay off past debts? What explains why countries established their own currency?

The more someone dealt with the money and financial system, the more intransparent everything seems to be. There seem to be countless kinds of money, with different volumes in each of the money categories M1, M2, M3, etc. New financial constructions are constantly being created, called derivates, so that the “normal person” is led to loose the overview.

With this book, the author sheds light on complicated facts and puts them into simple terms. With all the flaws in the current money system and the fundamental errors and mistakes that were made when is was construed, its is of essential importance to comprehend why it can not be sustained in the current status quo. This book belongs in the library of every school, from middle school upwards.


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